Practical Strategies for Virtual Coaching Excellence



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This 3-hour L.I.V.E., interactive program trains coaches to confidently and competently prepare for, conduct, and follow up from virtual coaching sessions so they meet and exceed the goals of clients and customers.

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L.I.V.E. Session



Who Participates

Coaches, trainers, mentors, managers, supervisors and others who coach individuals and groups on an array of topics -- career, life, job search, relationships, health, parenting, more.

If you want those you coach to learn and grow more during your virtual interactions and better apply their learning afterward... this program is for you!

What People Say

"I am so excited and inspired after taking the Virtual Coach training.

Elisabeth very skillfully demonstrated the tips and methods within the presentation that she taught us. It was simply brilliant!

I learned so much and I'm excited to transform my content into excellent virtual coaching."

- Michelle Carroll, Career Coach

You will get...

  • 3 hours of L.I.V.E. interactive training
  • Robust, downloadable workbook to process and mobilize your learning
  • Coaching map to plan for and co-create success through the session with each client
  • Action plan to implement your powerful lessons and take key steps to build your skills and confidence
  • Certificate of completion

Session Details

You will learn...

  • What great virtual coaching looks like
  • The important distinction between technology and technique
  • 6 pillars for effective virtual coaching
  • A powerful 4-step process to prepare for and conduct virtual coaching sessions
  • 6 quick and easy ways to boost engagement and growth in a coaching session

You will be able to...

  • Identify your strengths and weakness as a virtual coach
  • Implement the new coaching skills you have practiced in small groups
  • Share your action plan to capitalize on your strengths and improve your weaknesses
  • Prepare for and conduct virtual coaching sessions that are responsive to individual client needs

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Build your confidence and competence as a Virtual COACH so you can design, deliver, and produce virtual coach experiences that move your clients forward in powerful and lasting ways.


$395 per person. Register & pay by TBD. 

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