How to Design + Deliver Stellar Virtual Training

VIRTUAL TRAINER - Applied Intensive


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Virtual training can offer an amazing learning experience... if it's done well! This 4-session course equips seasoned and new trainers to design, prepare for, and deliver stellar virtual training, and fast!


VTRAINER Course Cover

4 L.I.V.E. Sessions


12 hours. 

What Are 'L.I.V.E. Sessions'?

  • Live-delivered by an experienced facilitator

  • Interactive so each learner can get what they need

  • Virtually-facilitated for convenience and flexibility

  • Experiential so learners try, personalize, apply lessons

What Are People Saying?

"The Virtual Trainer Program changed the way I strategized and implemented virtual training.
Elisabeth not only provides insight, guidance, and templates such as the 4-step training map and run sheet but she also uncovers the little details that help make virtual training more presentable, more consumable, and a lot more fun."
-- Sarah Kellerman, Agile Coach & Trainer,


You get...

  • 9 hours of live, interactive training
  • Robust workbook to process and apply your learning
  • Ultimate Virtual Training Checklist
  • Interaction with other participants
  • Chance to try the strategies and apply them to your learners
  • Action plan to implement your learning
  • Certificate of Completion

Session Details

Session 1: Training DESIGN

How to design engaging, brain-based virtual training on any topic for any audience.

  • Intro to our '6 Pillars for Virtual Excellence'
  • Deep dive into crafting great content, choosing technology, and integrating strategic interactions
  • Using a proven 4-step map to design and deliver great training
  • Deploying 6 powerful techniques to boost interaction
Participants will begin to build their own virtual training.

Session 2: Training DELIVERY

Mobilizing the '6 Pillars for Virtual Excellence'  to prepare to deliver great training by:
  • organizing your training ecosystem,
  • cultivating powerful personal presence,
  • curating the active behavior to...
  • engage your audience, bring your content to life, and set your virtual training apart from the others!

Participants will apply the lessons as they continue to build a training to present in Session 4.

Session 3: Training PRODUCTION

Dig into the technology.

  • Learn to choose and use your technology

  • Practice managing the technology while your train

  • Explore using a training producer and how to get the most from them
  • Increase your confidence and competence as a virtual trainer

Continue to prepare the training you will present in Session 4. 

Session 4: Training LAB & Coaching

Practice your new skills & get feedback.

  • Present the training you have designed with ideas from the course
  • Get/give feedback from fellow participants and the facilitator
  • Increase your confidence and competence as a virtual trainer

Review the Ultimate Virtual Training Checklist and plan your next steps!

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Build your confidence and competence as a Virtual TRAINER so you can design, deliver, and produce virtual training experiences that create powerful, lasting learning for any audience on any topic.


$950 per person.

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